3D Printed '28-Geared Cube' - Printed Fully Assembled

Please check out the new video of the 'Geared Cube' once it has been lubricated with PTFE lubricant which can be used for plastic mechanical parts: http://youtu.be/f0xUGdXY14A

This is a proof of concept and test of 3D printing's ability to print complex mechanical objects in 1 print with no assembly required (this is how it left the 3D printer with all the mechanical parts working). If you know nothing about 3D printing or don't fully understand the mechanism (28 gears - explained in the description below), this may not seem impressive so please don't comment or rate unless you fully understand what has been done here.

This design was 3D printed by Shapeways.com in the 'White Strong and Flexible' material and you can purchase a copy that Shapeways will 3d print and deliver to you worldwide here: http://shpws.me/nA3n

Here is a design for all you steampunk fanatics and fans of all things mechanical!!!

This is a steampunk themed desk toy consisting of a cube with 28 gears, all of which rotate in a mesmorising pattern by just rotating one of the gears (although rotating two is easier). In the middle of the cube is a tray that can be used to hold paperclips and other small things. This object is 3D printed as one piece, already fully assembled when it leaves the 3D printer!

The design also comes with a stand so it can stand up on a desk and a lockable lid which is placed on the top of the cube and is locked and unlocked by rotating the gears (the lid locks at the centers of all 4 sides below the gears in the lid). Interchangeable mechanical add-ons may be designed in the future that can be put in place of this lid and driven by the rest of the cogs.

How it works...
This design consists of a cube with 28 gears, on each of 4 sides of the cube are 7 gears: 2 large outer ones that move in opposite directions, the outermost gear has handles on it so it can be easily rotated, the motion between the 2 large cogs is reversed due to 5 smaller gears set within the cube in a similar layout to a planetary gearbox to reverse the gear's direction on each of these 4 faces. Each of these sets of gears on the 4 faces are all liked through the big gear on each of the 4 faces meshing at 90 degrees with the big gear on each of the 2 neighboring sides. This means that if any one gear is spun, they all spin in a memorizing pattern.

A copy can be purchased here: http://shpws.me/nA3n
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