BIM is 3D - Myth

Many industry professionals takes BIM as a 3D. This situation is also a BIG Myth now.
Most of the industry is facing this situation every day. Either they don’t understand it, or they
don’t want to understand.

Let’s analyze, is BIM a 3D ?
The answer is Big NO. BIM is obviously not a 3D. BIM is a name of standardized processes and
it’s a complete management system. BIM includes 3D but it’s far more than 3D.

BIM addresses many standards, some of the majors are;

  • Collaboration Requirements
  • Coordination Requirements
  • Graphical Information / 3D Requirements
  • Data Requirements
  • Platforms for Production Requirements
  • Exchange Platform Requirements
  • Planning Requirements
  • Safety Requirements
  • Project Division Requirements
  • Project Delivery Requirements
    And others…

Between all of these many standards 3D is there, as one of the standard, but not only.
BIM starts from 1D, 2D, 3D and up to so on, approaches 7D. Even it has a capability to achieve
8D. Combination of the all the Standards all together makes BIM a BIM.    

For more details see my previous Video with title “What is BIM” and also take a look at other
“Myths of BIM”. Link for the videos will be given under Description.

Now let’s take a look why most of the people takes 3D as BIM ?

Problem No.1:                   Definitions

Still we do not have any uniform kind of definition available. Availability of hundreds of definitions causing
confusion. Also among these many definitions misleading and incorrect are also there, causing more and more confusion.  

Problem No.2:                   Animations
Trying to understand BIM via animations can also cause a confusion, especially when the animation is produced by a
Software Company, where in their animations they will be showing mostly the 3D graphical sort of things to define the
functionalities of their software and to market their products in better way. By viewing these animation people usually starts
taking BIM as a 3D.  


Problem No.3:                   BIM Modelers

BIM Modelers are normally transformed from CAD Operator or 3D Modeler. Mostly these guys are also not properly BIM
educated. So they also advertise and propagate about BIM as a 3D, as per their knowledge. Also when they transform
themselves into trainers they addresses the same thing. Which generate a continuous loop of misunderstanding.

Problem No.4:                   Irrelevant Person

Asking someone who is not a BIM Professional or who is not learned BIM from some Authentic BIM related Institution. If so,
there are higher chances that the information you will receive will be misleading and will put you in a well of Misunderstanding.

Problem No.5:                   Project Environment
While working on BIM related project. You will find a specific type of environment. Where mostly everybody will be using one
common word again and again which is a Model, and as we know Model means a 3D. 

For example in project environment will come across these wordings like; we Need to prepare a Model, need to modify a
model, need to update a model, I want to check items from the Model, is Design on the Model, is Model on the Design,
Quantities from the Model, Clashes from the Model, Planning from the Model, safety from the Model, Submission from the
Model, data in the Model, Submission through Model and vice versa. 

So this situation generally creates Impression where even most of the industry professional gets trapped, including most
relevant persons like BIM Modelers, and starts taking BIM as 3D.

Plus other issues are also there like General impressions, Lack of BIM knowledge, Lack of BIM awareness, Major shift in
Industry, Sudden Shift in Industry, Uncertainty and Misunderstandings, and surrounding Myths are already there. This
situation may easily trap major part of the Organization and then major part of the industry, into Myth that BIM is 3D.
And this is what we are facing.

These ways this misleading information is turned into MYTH, that BIM is 3D but actually as you know now, that it is not.

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