BIM is Slow - Myth

BIM is Slow

Many people including some of the, so called BIM professionals (because of lack of knowledge and experience)
usually thinks, that BIM is Slow. To see this, if BIM is really slow or not ? We will have to take a look at, some of
the major industrial issues, also we will have to see what BIM offers to rectify them.   

No.1 - Slow Start Issue
Using in traditional ways one of the biggest issue is slow start. Because of lack of BIM Data,
Planning, Management and most of the other things relates to project are not properly streamlined
in the early stage as it should be.

On the other hand it is BIM only, which has the best Solution for this issue.

No.2 - Collaboration Issue

In traditional ways collaboration is very poor, because we don’t have the good base and required data
for better Collaboration.

While in BIM because of availability of Data & Models we can Collaborate between all the disciplines;
and can detect and solve most of the upcoming issues before going to execution even.
Like Communication, Planning, Safety, Clashes and so on. 

Again this is BIM providing the best solution for this issue. 

No.3 - Accuracy Issue
In traditional ways accuracy is also a BIG challenge. Because of lack of rich data along with Models
are not there which makes collaboration almost impossible and thus accuracy appears to be as an issue.

On the other hand in BIM with the incorporation of BIM Models, Data and with the power of collaboration we can
achieve high level of accuracy to fasten up the construction process. And receives accurate schedules, BOQs, 
references, drawings, Construction, Operation and Facility Management Data and other required details. 

So this is only BIM which has the power to tackle this issue.

No.4 – Risk Issues
In construction process using traditional ways we are on risk at every second because of lack of Data
Graphical and non-graphical, also lack in operation safety capabilities. Even we don’t have much details to
detect these risks at early stage.

This is only BIM which tackles this issue, at its best by providing us;  
1- Fire & safety modelling capabilities  for public safety.
2- Asset management and BIM modeling benefits to enhance operational safety.
3- Minimizing construction risks by reviewing complex details or procedures before going on site.

Again for this issue BIM is the only solution.

No.5 - Rework Issues
Traditional ways
requires a lot of rework because of lack of multi-disciplinary inputs and the absence of
BIM models many interface issue occurs.

While in BIM we can have multi-disciplinary checks even before going to execution. The model also enables
new and existing assets to be integrated seamlessly. And saves a lot of rework in terms of both design and
execution. Again Less rework is one of the major benefits from BIM.

No.6 - Planning Issues
In traditional ways lack of BIM Model means lack of accurate data and so less accurate information

leads to poor planning. But in BIM with the digital data we can do complex planning in a better way, results in
better planning which is only possible by implementation BIM. So where is solution, it actually lies in BIM.

No.7 - Waste Issues
Traditionally in the absence of BIM exact quantity takeoffs are not available and so over material
ordered situation is always there.
Lack of precise program scheduling results delayed delivery of materials
and equipment, increasing potential for damage. This situation leads to every, one Dollar
as a waste from three.

But on the other hand with the power of BIM situation is totally different. in BIM environment Material orders,
Quantity, program and scheduling is always at its best. Automated fabrication of equipment 

and components enables more efficient materials handling, management & waste recovery.

Again BIM is the only solution we have to tackle this issue.

No.8 - Sustainability Issues
Using traditional ways sustainability is a big challenge. In absence of BIM its very difficult to perform
certain type of analysis like energy, lightning, wind roses and many others accurately.

While BIM gives us chance to perform and achieve Sustainability in a variety of ways. And With sustainability
we saves energy and life span of building. This leads to huge cutup in building’s operational and  life-cycle cost.
But in traditional ways the case is opposite.

So it is BIM actually offering the solution.

No.9 - Building Life-cycle Issue
In traditional Ways Building life Cycle is again as one of the biggest issues. As because of non-existence of the
digitized BIM Model and lack of data its almost impossible.

On the other hand BIM is fully equipped to handle this issue and is found to be very effective.
As BIM comes with all major and minor details of the project including sustainability compatibility. 
This makes building life cycle easier than ever.

So again it is the BIM offering the solution for this issue in a practical and verified way.

No.10 - Delayed Project Delivery
In traditional ways with the presence of all described issues, the situation leads to delay, in Project Delivery, and
thus increase in Cost.But with the power of BIM you can achieve the state of fast project delivery and huge cutup in cost.  

So as per the analysis, experiments, practical implementation and experience, it is found to be that BIM is not slow
in any of the manners. But BIM is the solution of Industrial problems, at its best.
And if any of the way BIM is making you slow, then it simply means that problem is somewhere inside your
Organization, and you need to have some experienced BIM Team.

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