BIM is Software - Myth

Is BIM a Software ?

The answer is Big NO.
BIM is obviously not a software it’s a standardized process. For complete details you can see my
previous video “What is BIM” in which I have addressed the topic with enough details that what
actually is BIM ? Link for the Videos are provided below;

Now let’s analyze why most of the people takes BIM as a piece of software ?

Problem No.1:                   Definitions

There is no standard kind of definition available over the Internet and seems to be that everybody is supposed to do it’s on kind of definition. As hundreds of definitions are available over the internet and there numbers are still increasing.
And many non-professionals are also in the stream of development of more and more definitions.
This situation is fairly enough to generate the Myth we are discussing.  

Problem No.2:                   Animations
Animation(s) available over the internet causing such Impression that BIM is more likely a software.
As most of the Animations are prepared by software companies, who produce BIM enabled
software(s) so in their Animations they discuss more about the software(s) and less about BIM. Which
gives a software like Impression. Off course they do it to market their product. And so it is also leading to confusion.
Problem No.3:                   BIM Modelers
As most of the 3D Modelers and CAD Operators transform their selves into BIM Modeler and then into
Trainers. Most of the cases they are also not BIM educated. And they advertise and propagate about BIM as a Software as per their understanding. This inappropriate / incorrect information is considered to be genuine as it comes from industry. This authentic sources leads to unauthentic information.
Which weight a lot to solidate the MYTH we are discussing.    

Problem No.4:                   Irrelevant Person

Asking someone who is not a BIM Professional or who is not learned BIM as part of the education.
If so, there are higher chances that the information you are receiving is misleading, as if the asked person’s source of information is, the one we just discussed above.

That’s how this misinformation is turned into MYTH, that BIM is a Software but actually it is not.

by: Omare M.A.

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