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  • Revit is BIM - Myth

    Many industry professionals takes Revit as a BIM. This situation is turned into a BIG Myth now.
    85% of the industry is facing this situation every day. Neither they understand it nor they want
    to understand. It seems to be that most of the industry is hunted by this MYTH.

    Let’s see Is Revit a BIM ?

    The answer is Big NO. Revit is obviously not a BIM. BIM is a name of standardized processes and
    it’s a complete management system.

    So what is Revit:
    Revit is just a Piece of software which is even not necessary to achieve BIM. Even without Revit you can continue the BIM workflow without any stop.
    Also using Revit in a project does not necessarily mean that you are on BIM Track. To be; BIM enabled, you will have to comply with Standardized processes of BIM.

    To Achieve BIM goals we use many Software and Hardware Technologies but under the protocols of BIM. Combining these technologies altogether help us achieving BIM Goals. And among these many technologies, Revit is one, but not Only.

    For complete details Regarding BIM you can see my previous Article with title “What is BIM” in which I have addressed the topic with enough details that what actually is BIM ?

    Now let’s take a look why most of the people takes Revit as BIM and BIM as Revit ?

    Problem No.1:                   Definitions
    There is no standard kind of definition available over the Internet. And it seems to be that everybody is supposed to do it’s on kind of definition. As hundreds of definitions are available over the internet and numbers are still increasing. And in many cases I have seen that some people are directly mentioning Revit as a BIM.  

    Problem No.2:                   Animations by Autodesk
    While keeping in mind that “Revit is BIM” when you see any animation, especially when the animation is produced by Autodesk, then obviously in animation they will discuss more about Revit features and less about BIM to market their product. And by already keeping in mind that Revit is BIM when you see these animations then it seems to be like that Revit is BIM. While in animations obviously they would be explaining that, in the BIM process, how much useful is Revit.
    Problem No.3:                   Presentations by Revit User
    When the animation is produced by some Revit user Specially, then obviously they will discuss more about Revit and less about BIM. Once again by keeping in mind that Revit is BIM when you see these  presentations then it seems to be like that Revit is a BIM. While in  presentation they would be explaining that, in the BIM process how Revit can be helpful. But if the presenter is already hunted
    by the Myth then he will directly propagate Revit as a BIM. And it is happening.

    Problem No.4:                   Revit Operators / BIM Modelers
    In the industry Revit users usually called Revit Operators and also BIM Modelers.
    As most of the 3D Modelers and CAD Operators transform their selves into BIM Modeler and then into
    Trainers. In most of the cases they are also not BIM educated. And they advertise and propagate about Revit as a BIM, as per their understanding. Also they train others the same way and transfers the Myth. This inappropriate / incorrect information is considered to be valid as it comes from the industry. This authentic sources leads to unauthentic information. And fuels more on Fire of Myth.    

    Problem No.5:                   Irrelevant Person

    Asking someone who is not a BIM Professional or who is not learned BIM as part of the education.
    If so, there are higher chances that the information you are receiving is misleading, as if the asked person’s source of information unauthentic or if the one is already hunt by the MYTH.

    Problem No.6:                   Autodesk Market

    As you know that Revit is product of Autodesk. And Autodesk is holds large market share among competitors. Also their Marketing strategies are huge and so their reach.
    Most of the Architectural Engineering & Construction related Mega and Small both Projects are using Autodesk Products like Revit and others. You will hardly see any project without Revit if it’s a BIM Project. This situation also leads to confusion and generates an impression once again, that Revit is BIM.

    That’s how this misleading information is turned into MYTH, that Revit is BIM but actually it is not.

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