AU Explainers - Whole Solutions for Smart Buildings with Vladi Shunturov

Commercial buildings are on the verge of the biggest transformation in history. Internet of Things (IoT) is making connected buildings a reality, and adoption is on the rise across architecture, engineering, building technology, real estate, and construction industries. The use of IoT data for building modeling offers tremendous opportunity to optimize the design, construction, retrofit, and operations of buildings. But just having access to data doesn’t unlock actionable insights. Vladi Shunturov, founder and president of Lucid, will explain how we can harness the power of Building IoT for teams across any number of disciplines, from energy management to finance, operations, tenant communications, and more. He'll explain how to turn what were once reactive processes into proactive opportunities, and share proven best practices and use cases to arm attendees with information they need to turn disparate data from connected buildings into strategic assets. To learn more, visit Autodesk University online.
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