Basics of PlantFactory Webinar by Digital Artlive and Daniel Seebacher (Session 1)

This is the session 1 of the 1st webinar recording series led by Digital Artlive and Daniel Seebacher. More information can be found in our Learn page:

Session 1:
The first session will focus on the basics of the software: the interface, manual painting and editing with an introductory example to procedural plant creation.
We'll cover export, integration with Vue PLUS integration with game engines such as the Unreal Engine 4.

Session 2:
The second session will focus on slightly more advanced concepts by showing a project-based walkthrough. You will learn how to create dependencies between different plant parts with or without custom interfaces and how to animate your plants. We will also talk about the different meshing options and the creation of multiple levels of detail in PlantFactory.
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