Configuring Reprap Firmware on a Cartesian 3D Printer - The Ender 3

The long awaited guide to installing RepRap firmware on the Ender 3 with a DUET board. It's all about the macros baby!...and the online configuration tool,... and the ability to control your printer with any web browser.

DUET Installation Guide:
Reprap Firmware Installation Tool:
Mesh Bed Compensation Guide:

Get The Files From Me At Patreon:

If you are already a Patreon supporter, please send me a message asking for these new files.

Inevitably, someone is going to complain about me putting files behind a paywall. Just watch the video. All the information is there for you to be able to do the installation yourself. My files just make it easier for you. I'm not trying to sell firmware, or .stl files. I'm just trying to make this Youtube thing viable, and that means I need your support.
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