Homemade CNC with 3D Printed Parts

Update 2018/08/18: I've made a new version, check it out here:
This is a video about making my homemade DIY CNC with 3D printed parts. I've designed the 3D printed parts with Fusion 360.
To control the machine I'm using an Arduino UNO with GRBL firmware and an Arduino CNC Shield. There are plenty of tutorials to find on how to connect and use it so I did not show it in the video. Here are some useful links:
Arduino CNC Shield:
To power the NEMA 17 stepper motors I've converted an old ATX PC power supply and used the 12V output. The type of stepper motors I use for the Y- and Z axis are: 17HS19-2004S1, the type for the X axis is: 42BYGHW811. For the wiring I've used CAT5 network cable.
Software that I mostly use to generate and send GCode:
bCNC ()
Universal Gcode Sender ()
Easel by Inventables ()
Fusion 360 with CAM ()
The 3D printer is an Anet A8. The parts are printed with PLA, mostly 20% infill and 0.2 or 0.4 setting.
More info and a list of materials that I've used can be found on my GitHub page: . But beware that this machine is still 'under construction' and will be modified over time. I share my design for others to experiment and learn from it. Just a warning, at the moment I would not even recommend creating this machine yourself
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