Make your 3D printed part (surface) look awesome! TUTORIAL

My name is Jure Korber and this is my TUTORIAL on how to make smooth and shiny finish on any 3D printed part! My technique involves using:
- Sandpaper (200-800)
- Spray Filler
- Spray Paint

It's relatively cheap process that costs few $ per can and you really use a little of it for one part, so overall it's really cheap. You can change color and finish to any of the 3D printed materials, except the very soft and flexible.

Overall procedure takes quite some time, but since 3D printing is not the method for mass production, this is the excellent combo!

Have fun & leave questions/feedback in the description box below!

3D printed parts:
Stinger frame: ---- to be added ---
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3D Printing & Tutorial
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