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Olaya Metrostation
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Gerber Architekten
Transport + Infrastructure › Train/Subway
Under Construction
25,000 sqft - 100,000 sqft
Based on the winning competition submission for Olaya Metro Station, Gerber Architekten have been commissioned by the Arriyadh Development Authority to develop this project in conjunction with the parameters of the Riyadh Metro System project.
The Station is located centrally between the urban arteries of King Fahad Road and Olaya Street, one block south of the King Abdullah Freeway. The intersection of the underground portions of Line One and Line Two lies centrally to the station plot of land. The building parcel area is approximately 200m long and 140m wide.
The Olaya Metro Station project comprises four main building parts; being:
• Olaya Metro Station, a subterranean interchange station for Lines One and Two
• Olaya Metro Mall encircling sculptural glass bowl & circulation hub
• Adjacent underground car parking with a public plaza, bus terminal and taxi rank on ground level above
• Olaya Metro Gardens public park on the roof above the entire complex
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