Revit MEP 2012 API - TSI Software Presentation FAB-MEP AUS - Design BIM Through To Manufacturing BIM

Autodesk Revit MEP 2012 API Presentation -- Revit MEP 2012 with BIM-MAP AUS managed data content working with manufacturing BIM software FAB-MEP AUS as presented by Jim Reis at the Revit Technology Conference Australasia ('11 RTC).

Working closely with the Autodesk Revit MEP 2012 API developers we are able to present a 360 degree workflow.

Step 1 Starts with Revit for Design BIM models created with BIM-MEP AUS managed data content.
Step 2 Reference the Design file and redraw the model with Design/Line technology in FAB-MEP (Estimating, AutoCAD workflow, and CNC Manufacturing) to create a Manufacturing BIM files that will be further detailed with CAD-Duct, CAD-Mech or FAB-MEP.
Step 3 Read in the FAB-MEP AUS model into Revit MEP with BIM-MEP AUS managed content to create an "As-Installed" Revit MEP RVT file.

BIM-MEP AUS data content that supports this workflow is managed content provided by Working with the AMCA we have bridged the gap between Design BIM and Manufacturing BIM by providing a direct path from design files created with Revit MEP 2012 (HVAC, Pipe, and Plumbing) to the truly integrated database solutions offered by Micro Application Packages; CAM-Duct, CAD-Duct, EST-Duct, CAD-Mech, EST-Mech using new FAB-MEP AUS software provide by Technical Sales International, Pty. Ltd. For more information visit:
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