Turning My Favorite 3D Printer Into My Best 3D Printer - Part 1

The Tevo Little Monster Delta Style 3D Printer is a solid foundation, but it needs some modifications to live up to it's promise. Mostly, the poor electronics and firmware are to blame for the substandard print quality. In this video we're going to fix that for about $30.

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The original review video about this printer: https://youtu.be/uYszrYM9VtQ

"8 Bit Chill" By Antti Luode http://anttismusic.blogspot.com/
"The Creek" by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena from the Youtube Audio Library

2:37 3D Printed parts from Thingiverse (light ring & wire organizer)
3:59 Components to be installed
10:54 Moving the Fan (cutting the metal)
12:41 CAD Drafting all the components into the enclosure
16:24 Wiring (How to)
20:23 Adjusting Voltage on Buck Converter/step down voltage regulator.
20:52 Adjusting Current on the Trinamic Stepper Modules
23:35 All Finished With The Hardware.
24:19 Installing The Firmware
26:15 Calibrating the Z-Height and First Test Print
28:32 The Printer is Quiet!
29:26 More Upgrades Still To Do
31:14 SUCCESS! The Test Prints Show Improved Printing.
33:48 Conclusion (costs, time to build, tools, etc.)
3D Printing & Tutorial
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